Wrapped in M.A.C

A Muslim girl with no Abaya in her closet what????


Stripes for Eid 

Asalam alaikum and Eid Mubarak loves.To be honest I am super excited because it Eid season and my birth month also, September 14th save the date lol. For my Eid outfit I ditched my Abaya's and dresses for stripes.I purchased a top with graphics in front and stripes at the back. Funny enough I had … Continue reading Stripes for Eid 

Independent… are we really?

Nigeria is 57! We have indeed come a long way since our independence,overcoming great obstacles while striving for greatness as a nation but..have we come thus far?Are we living the Nigerian dream or are we still sleeping on it? I think this poem by Bashir Saine speaks volumes about our state as nation.